The Winter Suite & grounds of Carton House

This is a follow on from my first post earlier in the week about our stay in Carton House Hotel.

The estate lies on 1,100 acres of Georgian parkland and is very pretty.

The Boathouse that was built apparently because Queen Victoria stated that a boathouse should be just there!

Shell Cottage

Lady Emily also decorated the famous Shell Cottage on the estate with shells from around the world. It was used for when the men went hunting and the ladies gathered at the cottage to be part of it.  Marianne Faithful lived here for 8 years.

There are shells everywhere in one room.  Personally, I found it a bit gloomy.

House as a film set

The house was used as a film location by the film-maker Stanley Kubrick. He filmed Barry Lyndon in 1975 with Ryan O’Neal and it has been used for the film Leap Year starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode.

Julie Andrews lived in Carton House over the summer and Autumn of 1969 while filming along with Rock Hudson. The house was used in the movie in several interior and exterior scenes.  Julie Andrews came back for a visit and there is a photo of her with a local historian in Shell Cottage.

The IRFU have used the house for training and a team base since 2010 and more recently the British and Irish Lions stayed there.

There is also Kildare Art Gallery beside the main house, unfortunately it was closed, so I didn’t get to see inside.

There are sculptures dotted around the grounds.

The Winter Suite

This was our room for our stay. It was a suite with a sitting room, a separate bedroom and a little corridor into the bathroom.

We were given a lovely surprise when we entered our room, from the wonderful hotel staff of a bottle of Prosecco, butlers chocolate and delicious lemon cake! Yum! I was already enjoying my stay, it was only getting better!

I did enjoy the treats! The chocolates were Butlers and the lemon cake was gorgeous!

Winter Suite in Carton House

The bathroom which had a wonderful rain shower!

These were the views from our windows overlooking the rose gardens and golf course!

Having some prosecco before I get ready for dinner.

All ready to head down for dinner in the Hotel’s restaurant, The Linden Tree!

Wine sorted, now for food!

The Linden Tree Restaurant

The restaurant is called the Linden Tree as there are many of them on the Estate.  I didn’t like to take photos of the interior of the restaurant as there were lots of other diners.

The Restaurant is quite big and is multi-levelled, we were seated looking out through a huge glass wall on to the Linden trees.  The interior is bright as a result of the huge windows and skylights.

Straight away, we were given a complimentary glass of champagne each which was a lovely welcome to the Restaurant.

Dinner was very nice, my steak was done exactly how I asked, which was medium.  My only criticism on the main was that it could have been seasoned, which it definitely wasn’t.  Dessert however, was a disappointment,  I found it bland and  left it behind, as it was tasteless.  But overall, we both enjoyed our dinner and there was a lovely atmosphere in the Restaurant.  Our waitress looked after us well too!

After dinner we headed to the bar and had too many cocktails!  Hey, I’m on vacation!  I’m allowed!  They were delicious!

Again, our server in the Kitchen bar was lovely, as were all the staff in the hotel we encountered.  She was bubbly and we didn’t have to move, she was right there when we needed her! Great service all around!

Espresso Martini, cheers!….hiccup!

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