Chocolate chip and hazelnut cookies!

Chocolate Chip and Hazelnut Cookies

Be like Cookie Monster and have a cookie! We all love a cookie right? Chocolate chip cookies with milk or a cup of tea, if you like, is a delight.…

Gin Makes You Sin, so they say…

Gin and Tonic – how do you like yours? Drink fads come and go.   A couple of years ago it was Whiskey and according to those in the know the…

Pretty towns & villages in Tuscany to visit!

A visit to Tuscany is a definite bucket list item.  Tuscany has many pretty towns and villages to discover.   In my previous post, I covered Florence, Lucca and Siena which we used…

A trip to Florence, Siena & Lucca in Tuscany!

Two weeks in beautiful Tuscany If you are ever lucky enough to get the chance to visit Tuscany, I would highly recommend you take it!

paint a dresser

Breathe new life into a dresser by painting it!

Today I am sharing how I painted my dresser to fit into my home. 

Linguine with prawns

Linguine with Prawns

Today, I am sharing my recipe for Linguine with Prawns. This is a quick and easy dinner you can cook in the evening after a long day and you want…

winter suite, carton house

The Winter Suite & grounds of Carton House

This is a follow on from my first post earlier in the week about our stay in Carton House Hotel.

Carton House

Our stay in Carton House

Last weekend, hubby & I were lucky enough to stay in Carton House in  Maynooth, Co. Kildare. I took so many photos that I am splitting the post into two. 

clever way to use up leftover tiles

Clever way to use up leftover tiles!

Want a quick and clever way to use up leftover tiles? Turn them into coasters!

Pork chops in a white wine & cream sauce

Pork Chops in white wine & cream sauce!

Looking for a different way to have your Pork chops, well then, what about Pork chops in white wine & cream sauce?